The COVID-19 pandemic has moved millions of professionals across the globe to adapt a work-from-home lifestyle. To help ease this transition, we’re offering a variety of ideas to help you stay healthy and productive while working remotely. Whether you’re looking to buy products for your home office or trying to work with what you have, keep reading to learn how you can create an ergonomic and comfortable workspace.

Meet with an ergonomic expert

Do you find yourself experiencing neck, wrist or back pain after a whole day of working from home? Do you know how to set up your chair or monitors correctly? Are you wondering if your makeshift setup is ergonomically sound? To answer these questions and more, our team of over 60 board certified ergonomists is providing online ergonomic assessments. By making a few small adjustments to the way your tools are set up and your behaviors, you can create a more comfortable and productive workspace. With ergoIQ LIVE, you’ll virtually connect (video or voice-only, your choice) with an ergonomist for one-on-one assistance. During the consultation, the Humanscale ergonomist will provide expert guidance on proper workstation setups specific to your unique body dimensions, diagnose any potential equipment-related problems and offer guidance on postural improvements and behavioral modifications. After your appointment, you’ll also receive a summary of your recommendations and a Healthy Workstation Guidelines sheet – so that you can reference the tips at any time. All of this happens in 30 minutes or less, and can be scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you. This service is available globally, with payment made in local currencies. We’ve worked to make the process super simple and seamless, so that you can get back to working comfortably, quickly. Learn more and book your appointment here.

Invest in home office essentials

We’ve also developed the ultimate Work From Home Guide with products that’ll take your home office to the next level. For example, something as simple as a laptop holder can bring your screen to eye level – it's a low-cost solution with high ergonomic benefit. In this spirit, we’ve categorized our essentials by the type of home office you might have. All of our work-from-home essentials will add comfort, flexibility and movement to your workspace, whether you have a dedicated room for work or are working from your kitchen table. We’re also offering a special 20% discount on these solutions to support all those who have had to move to remote working.   Have any questions about ergoIQ LIVE or WFH essentials? Tweet us @humanscale!