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Navigating Our Way Towards A World Without Greenwashing: Q&A

On Tuesday, July 19, Humanscale CSO Jane Abernethy joined design writer Roddy Clarke of Forbes and The Financial Times to discuss navigating through a world of greenwashing, the power of transparent communication, and actionable steps toward understanding a company's true impact. It was a lively conversation that delved into the important topic of greenwashing, how to spot misleading sustainability claims, and why it’s so critical to separate fact from fiction.

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Saving the Planet, One Product at a Time

26 of our products are now certified net positive. What exactly does “net positive” mean? And who decides what qualifies?

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Rethinking Stain-Resistant Coatings

As part of our commitment to overall net positivity, Humanscale is committed to using exclusively healthy materials in our products. This decision has brought to light an industry standard that many manufacturers fail to question—stain-resistant coatings.

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Humanscale Wins Metropolis Planet Positive Award

We are excited to announce that our 26 Climate Positive products have earned us Metropolis’ Planet Positive award, winning in the category for Top Product Breakthrough.

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Working Together to Find a Solution

Creating products that help, rather than hurt, the environment is a very important goal for us at Humanscale. Part of this mission includes assessing the materials that go into our 

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Using Sustainability as the Basis for Innovation

At Humanscale, we integrate sustainability into our design process -- but we recently explored what would happen when sustainability is the starting point. How much would it drive innovation and affect the final design?

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Humanscale Design Studio Stool Mimics Deep-Sea Sponge (Part 1 of 3)

Humanscale Design Studio undertook a sustainable design challenge -- reimagine the design of a simple stool through three different sustainable approaches: biomimicry, circular economy, and biofabrication. The biomimicry approach was explored and completed by Humanscale Design Studio’s Jacob Turetsky (Industrial Designer II). When designing his solution, Jacob found inspiration in nature’s deep-sea sponge, the Venus Flower Basket, and its problem-solving ability. We sat down with Jacob to learn more about his design process and learnings.

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Create a Happier, Healthier Work Environment with Office Plants

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. For times when it’s impossible to get outside, indoor plants offer an easy, inexpensive way to bring the beauty of nature right into your office.

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Smart Ocean: Reducing Plastic Pollution, One Chair at a Time

This June, World Oceans Day brought communities together to celebrate our oceans, encourage conservation and share solutions for preventing plastic pollution.

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