Humanscale affirms fair manufacturing and business practices and has established a division of the company dedicated to corporate social responsibility. We offer programs and initiatives that promote equitable treatment and access to products.

Humanscale's supplier in Shenzhen, China

Humanscale offers a significant discount on all of its products to employees, their families, and friends.


Equitable Product

Products sold to consumers must be affordable to the people who manufacture them. The Annualized Purchase Price (APP) should not exceed the relevant Product Category Share (PCS) of the income of the manufacturer's lowest paid employee.



The manufacturer must demonstrate responsibility across its operations and cannot directly:

  • Make weapons or armaments of any kind
  • Produce tobacco products, pornography, violent video games, or illicit drugs
  • Engage in fossil fuel extraction or nuclear energy production
  • Engage in or facilitate prostitution, payday lending, gambling or the patenting of life
  • Charge interest rates significantly in excess of market peers for comparable offerings

Donations to the World Wildlife Fund in 2015 are allotted to meet requirements of Imperative 02 Habitat Exchange. Donation amount in excess of those requirements are allotted to Imperative 16 Equitable Investment. Total donation exceeds requirements of both Imperatives.



For every dollar of gross revenue generated by the sale of the product through the 12-month performance period, the manufacturer must donate one-quarter of one cent to a charity of its choosing.

JUST Organizations

Humanscale's Human Resources department is helping to create a more equitable world by participating in the JUST Organizations program. We are the first manufacturer to obtain the JUST label.



Product manufacturers are required to obtain a JUST label.

Materials Beauty

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